VOIP/Phone integration

This is perhaps a weird use-case, but it would be interesting to see if anyone has any ideas. We have a door box that rings a phone number when someone at the door wants to enter the building. Right now that goes to my cell phone. I could put a VOIP app on the tablet and let it ring in to that

I need the incoming call to be easy to answer (one touch on an answer button), I need it to display a dial pad, and ideally when the call is done, I want the VOIP interface to go away.

I don’t think this should be something that SharpTools should implement as it is a pretty specific case and not many people would use it. I’m more wondering if anyone else here has run into something like this, and if you have any suggestions about maintaining the overall behavior and aesthetic while also interacting well with a brower/device in kiosk mode.

Do the VOIP apps not overlay the incoming call UI on top of everything? Android certainly has this capability, so I would be surprised if there aren’t any VOIP apps that have this feature.

I was actually thinking more in terms of a Windows 10 device - I have a pretty old Surface 3 that is getting its second life as a home controller care of SharpTools :slight_smile:.

You’re right, Android could probably handle this pretty easily. It might just come down to finding the right VOIP/SIP client.