Visual feedback on press with hyperlink (and other) tiles?

I use a number of hyperlink tiles for certain functions - volume up and down in various zones for example. It would be nice if it could change color on press - especially for my slower touchscreens - so that you know that you have pressed them. Same with dashboard tiles. I don’t think this is possible presently - would like to learn more if it is? Thanks.

I just realized that this only happens on one of my iPads. It does not happen on my Kindles - they show the visual touch feedback fine. I have two iPad minis - a 2 and 4. The 4 running 14.4.2 is the one that is not showing the visual feedback on tiles like the hyperlink. I am going to explore more but if anyone has seen anything like this please let me know. Thanks.

In my case, I use “true/false” variables for buttons with a default of “false”

With an Action of “Toggle”

Then in “Icon Style” - I change the colors depending on “true/false”

Using the variable and rules, I have a rule which executes based on the variable changing to “true”.

Once the rule finishes, probably not necessary, but I force the variable to “false”

Have you tried refreshing the page in the browser to make sure it has the latest app updates?

If you’re running it within an Add to Homescreen view, you might have to open the multi-tasking / app switcher and then swipe away the ‘app’ to close it, then reopen it.

You could also try opening SharpTools directly within a browser on that device just as a test as you can more easily tap the refresh button to make sure it has the latest code.

Hi @josh - I think the first solution did the trick. I leave this running all of the time, so just need to reload it when this happens. I was going to jailbreak both of the iPads and set up some sort of remote management that can do this overnight or something like that. I haven’t jail broken in a long time and 14.4.2 isn’t a simple process. I will post separately on this as want to get some ideas from the community.

Good idea. Reloading the app has brought back the “white flash” on the tile when I press them. I assume the “white flash” is built-in so I like you idea as it also lets you pick the colors, etc.