Virtual Tiles not working

I have about 10 Philips Hue bulbs, some in Groups, and others standalone.
I used Smartthings to create a Virtual switch for the lights in groups. (as per tutorial).
When I use the iPad to touch (trigger) a group of lights, all works ok! (the lights will turn on and off from the tile).
However, when I use Alexa or the Philips Hue dimmer smiths to turn on and off the “grouped lights” the status within the Sharptools tile does tot change to reflect the current status of the light.
Would appreciate some guidance.
Many thanks

SmartThings has two different integrations for Philips Hue. One is a cloud-to-cloud integration that has a really slow polling interval - the other is a LAN integration that requires a Hue Bridge and SmartThings Hub.

The challenge with polling is that your smart home hub can only instantly record changes when the smart home hub is responsible for controlling the device, but as you’ve found it doesn’t know about the changes that were made from outside (eg. Alexa, Google Home, or even the Hue app) until the next time it polls.

From a quick Google search, I think the steps in the following article under ‘Philips Hue with SmartThings Hub’ should get you setup with the LAN integration which is much faster at reporting updates:

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