Virtual switches not always updating

Just got my first dashboards configured, using Hubitat C-7, with webcore.

Everything is working pretty well, except I have some virtual switches that don’t always update. To be more specific, they are switches that get turned on…do something in webcore, and then get turned back off. I also have some that are set to automatically turn off in the hubitat device settings, and a couple of harmony activity switches that get “stuck” on.

Not sure if it’s a browser refresh issue or not, but if I reload the dashboard web page (using Chrome BTW), they all show correctly.

Any ideas?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Can you share more details about how these virtual switches are being used? It almost sounds like some of the switches are being used more like a button in which case a Momentary Button might be a good alternative.

One example…

I have a piston that sets the color temperature of several Hue bulbs. It triggers when a virtual switch changes to “on”. After the bulbs are changed, the piston turns the switch back off. So it is indeed working like a momentary button.

I can accomplish the same thing by setting the device parameter in hubitat to turn the switch off after x time ( 500ms or so), but the effect is the same.

Either way, if I turn the switch on from the ST dashboard, it works as it should and gets turned off in Hubitat, but the tile never updates and shows it as still on.

I should also mention…when the switches get stuck, I a tiny little triangle that looks like a warning icon appears in the lower right, but I don’t any actual warnings or anything.

I figured out why it was happening, I think.

It looks like there were some timing issues between webcore and the dashboard being updated. I got them to work by taking webcore out of the picture as far as turning the switches back off, and instead let Hubitat do it with the device properties. Doing it that way seems to be working, at least for now.