Virtual switch 1

Hi I’m AG I been using SmartThings and sharp tools and Alexa for 2yrs. I used to control my garage with Alexa by using a virtual switch by SmartThings but it stop working about a week or so and I can’t seem to add an virtual switch on SmartThings has anyone had that issue I have Linear Control.I had to reset my linear control one day because it kept beeping and with doing that SmartThings app found the (go controller garage door) icon. The garage works on my fully kiosk tables and iPhone and Samsung fridge but when I say Alexa open garage door like did for the last 2yrs garage door doesn’t open or close like it used to. Has anyone had an issue with adding a virtual switch???

How are you trying to add the virtual switch? If you are trying the was it was done traditionally natively with SmartThings, that way has been deprecated as a result of the move to the Lua/Edge architecture.

I’d recommend using TAustin’s vEdge Virtual Switch Creator: