View 2 Wyze Cam in one dashboard

I open few dashboards in order to add two cameras (wyze) per dashboard cause I’m not sure I can view many cameras in the same dashboard (maybe tinycam pro limitation), but also on two cameras I have issue, I can only view one cam when opening the dash, why is that?

I have 2 on mine right now using tinycam pro.

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What kind of cams are they? Are they wyze cam?

Yes, I have two of the version 2s I think.

Hi brother. Have yo set the stream to view your Wyze Cam + Tiny Cam Pro only for LAN access, or also for WAN access ?..I would like to acces my Wyze Cam streams from WAN, but I am stock (I can access them from LAN already…) Thankss !.

Hello! I only have it set up for LAN stream. For when I’m remote I just use the wyze app itself. One idea though is if you can vpn to your home network that might fit what you need.

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Thanks brother…there is where I am stock, mi techie limits about VPN…port forwarding…etc.