Vertical orientation for variable quick adjust tiles, option for larger increments, and valid range

The variable tiles with quick adjust are pretty nice, but as I try to use them I’ve decided a few things would make them much more useful:

  • Let the user select whether the up/down arrows are left/right (as now) or above/below the variable value (or, simply base the selection on the aspect ratio of the tile, so tall, narrow tiles have the above/below). No real workaround other than laying out the dashboard so a horizontal arrangement works.

  • Let the user specify a min/max value. A rule triggered on a change to the variable to clamp the value back into range seems to keep the variable in the range, but the displayed value isn’t updated to the clamped value. So I can keep the variable from going negative, the tile will let me keep hitting quick adjust until I am at an arbitrary negative value. Alternatively at least make sure that rule-triggered updates to the value of a variable update the displayed value in the tile. This issue preventing me from using these tiles.

  • Let the user specify an increment value (e.g. +/- 10) for the quick adjust (nice to have)

  • Super nice to have - but a bigger ask: It would be cool to have an in-tile slider that let you slide the variable to anywhere in the range you want in addition to the quick adjust buttons.