Variables & Rules

Hello all, I am new to SharpTools, I am trying to move over from WebCore. I have a few questions -
Is it possible to create variable for more than 1 device? Say you have 3 thermostats in one location and 2 in another.
Is it possible to create a rule with a between function? For example send email IF temperature is NOT between 68-78.
Finally, is it possible to add device variables (actual data) to the message body of an email? For example, “Your thermostat battery is currently at 3.60.”

Thanks so much for any assistance!

If I understand correctly, you’re looking to have a reference to a device or set of devices in a variable… so you could then use that variable (of device references) when sending a command or checking status or what not.

If so, it’s not available at the moment, but it’s something we’ve been discussion internally. Tagging @James for awareness. Community feedback is one of the key parts of how we prioritize what we work on, so we’ll leave this topic open to gather additional community interest and feedback.

You can add multiple conditions together. By default, the conditions match when ALL the conditions are met (AND) .

Note that you can also change it to when ANY conditions are met (OR) based on your needs:

Not at the moment. This is on our hit list though - two things that we feel are needed:

  1. Have the ‘context’ of the rule available like a variable (eg. the event trigger value / device name) and
  2. Ability to use variables in notification content

Thanks! I look forward to the updates!