Variables in Open Hyperlink Action URL

Is there any way to use variables to generate a URL in a hyperlink action to open a web page, something like:


Not in a Hyperlink tile. Currently, you can use Variables in various places within rules, including building out URLs to use in HTTP Actions. You can display and interact with variables in Variable Tiles or display them in Super Tiles, but not in Hyperlinks/Media as of this writing.

There’s a feature request open to use variables in Media Tiles that has picked up a decent amount of interest, but I don’t think I’ve seen a request to use variables in Hyperlinks if you wanted to create it.

Well, I guess I’ll have to add one. My Tesla Supertile already reports the cars’ distance and driving time from home, and I could easily create a map link with a variable.

But I know, priorities, priorities. :smile:

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