Variable ENUM (Valid Values List) Support

Is it possible to make a fixed variable list for a certain text variable?

Example: I have door 2 contacts for an open or closed garage door. Depending on the states of the contacts I have 4 variables: “Open”, “Closed”, “Moving”, “Error”.
I would like to be able, when creating a rule using the variable, to have a drop down list with these 4 possible states, instead of having to look back and see what I exactly called everything.

Something like a restricted text variable, that can only change to certain states and you can type in a list of what they need to be? Especially when using these in multiple rules, it eliminates the risk of mis-typing a variable somewhere and having to find out when testing and then searching where the type-o sits.

PS: Yes, these are still easy to remember, but I have a case where I named things more difficult because of the variety of things I need from it. And sometimes it gets hard to remember what I exactly named it and finding it involves reading different rules to find out.
A way of knowing which rule or event changed a variable would be nice too.

@Sgt.Flippy_PJ thanks for the input. So it sounds like you are suggesting a predefined list for the TEXT variable? ex: a TEXT variable $myDoorStatus that prompts the list of “Open”, “Closed”, “Moving”, “Error” options when tapped in the dashboard or used in the rule condition(trigger) and actions. (Just to make sure that I understand correctly, since you mentioned 4 variables in the first paragraph, and then 4 states in the 2nd paragraph.)

Yes, correct.
Also when adding the variable to a rule. So there is less chance of making a mistake when you use it a lot.