"Vacation mode" routine

I want to create a routine which puts my lights in every room into vacation mode when I am out of the house. I know that e.g. Alexa can do this but it is more fun to do this myself

For this, I need to create a trigger (time delay) for each room randomly selected between e.g., 5 to 20 min. When the delay has ended the lights in the room are switched on or off.

How do I do this?
The next level is to put some randomness on each light in the room on the dim level.

In webcore I did this like this:

Hello Christian,

Did you figure something out for this? I would also like to do the same thing when my hub is set to away mode.


I had one of these in WebCore, but didn’t migrate it over to Sharptools. I just didn’t use it that much, plus the random delay wasn’t available (in beta now). Just never came back to this.

Would be a great use case for the variable delay however, I may give it another look.