Using Or instead of And

New user here. Can you create a rule where you use Or in conjunction with And?

Here’s what I’m talking about: If my wife or I am home and the mode is Night, turn on these lights.

Or do I have to make a rule for each of us.


Hi @Ronald_Marsden, welcome to the community. You can use nested IF conditions in the flow, and change the IF condition logic between ALL (AND) and ANY (OR) as needed.
See the screenshot below for example.

Please note that I didn’t have a trigger in the screenshot example above, because I am not 100% sure if what trigger makes more sense in your scenario ( the presence change or mode change, or something else like timer trigger.)

If you simply want a rule to be triggered when either you or you wife arrives home, and turn the light on depending on the current mode, then the following example would make more sense. (Triggers are always “OR”, so either trigger event will kick off the rule flow execution.)

Feel free to let me know if any questions. :wink:


Thanks. I didn’t think to put the triggers first. I’ll get used to it as I make more automations.

Here’s a short clip showing how to change from ‘all’ to ‘any’ (‘AND’ to ‘OR’ respectively) in case it wasn’t clear from the screenshot.

You can tap the EDIT button on the IF Condition itself and a drop-down shows up at the top to let you change between ‘all’ and ‘any’.

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Thanks. I couldn’t see where you changed from and to or. The video is great . I think I’ve got it now but am sure to have lot’s more questions as I get deeper into the rabbit hole.