Using Location Mode in Dashboard to Trigger Automation

@josh I am having some issues with the home away functions on my dashboard. If I am using the location features tile and set my home to away and turn on a light and then try to set away again it does not process the request and all the lights on stay on. I have to go and set it back to home and then click on away again for it to correct itself. How can I fix this issue as it is very annoying coming home to lights that are left on. I also cant turn off away mode it is always on until I select home mode.

@Denver, where do you have the automation set to turn the lights off when the Mode is set to “away”? Can you verify if the mode in actually changed in the SmartThings new app (tap the vertical “…” button at middle right and select Manage Location and then Location Mode?

Trying to narrow down the issue if the mode never gets changed as expected or the automation somewhere doesn’t get triggered.

I can confirm it is changed in smartthings as well and works until I turn on a light while in away mode and then click away again it stays on. The away mode switch NEVER turns off for me unless I set it to home mode.

@Denver, thanks for the additional details.

The automation will gets triggered when the Mode is “changed to” away, so if your Mode is already “away”, it won’t do anything if you set the Mode away again.

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Where is the automation setup that turns off your lights when the mode changes to ‘Away’? Is it in the SmartThings Custom Automation builder or in a SharpTools Rule?

As James noted, once you change the mode to ‘Away’, it will stay in the ‘Away’ mode until it gets changed to another mode. Depending on your goals, there may be other ways to accomplish things.

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