Using Amazon Fire Tablet camera motion detection to trigger an event?

Is there a way to utilize the camera motion detection on an Amazon Fire 8/10 tablet to trigger an event?

I have recently found a workaround to run a rule to trigger a virtual switch which in turn uses Alexa routine to activate the Ring Doorbell camera live feed.
What I would like to do is to have the same rules icon on different tablet and depending on which tablet detects motion, the icon will launch the feed onto that specific tablet. Is this possible?

If you use Fully Kiosk Browser on your Fire tablet, there are device drivers that can expose the camera-based motion detection as an event.

If it’s a tile you are manually pressing on the dashboard, you might be able to use the special $.runRule() hyperlink syntax which enables you to pass parameters to a rule.

I’ve also seen some people use automation apps on their tablet like AutomateIt and they setup rules to react to the Ring notification and automate ‘tapping’ the notification to open it. Perhaps you could even add a condition to that kind of automation to only automate tapping the notification when the tablet was active or some other proxy for ‘motion’ being active on the tablet.

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