URL for Nest Hub Max Built-in Camera

Does anyone know how to get the URL for the built-in camera in the Nest Hub Max? Sure would like to get it on a media tile!

I have the URLs for the my stand-alone cameras. They are obtained by using Camera sharing in the Nest app. However this feature is not offered for the built-in camera. The video feeds from all cameras are displayed equally in the Nest app.

In the photo below, the dialog for the stand-alone Driveway cam (on the right) includes Camera sharing, while the Family Room dialog on the left is for the built-in camera, without that capability.

@Stan_Silverman, what it shows when you tap the Camera Sharing option? Are you able to see the public accessible URL when configured? I don’t have the Nest Hub Max, and I couldn’t find more details from my search results.

I interpreted it to mean the Nest Hub Max is on the left and doesn’t have sharing. A normal camera is on the right and has sharing.

Might just be a limitation of the camera, but I’ll leave it open to other community members for their insight.

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@James @josh Josh’s translation is accurate.

I searched the web pretty thoroughly; apparently I’m the only person in the world who wants the URL…

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