Uploaded Icon Size / Tile Colors

I’m making a few tiles for my Sonos, Spotify and Ring to open the apps when clicked.

Is there a way to make the logo I upload as a custom icon larger to fill up the entire or most of the tile square?

Also, is there a way to change the black background of the tile to a very specific color. I know how to change it to the various colors that the system has as options, however, I’d love to change the color to, say, the exact same color brown as the sonos logo…entering a hex color code would be perfect!


You could use a Media Tile instead and configure it with a hyperlink action.

Oh heck yeah! That is way cooler!

I use the hyperlink “spotify://” to have it open the app on my device. It would be SO awesome if the “Target: Overlay” feature would work so that the spotify app opened in an overlay smaller window like it it would a website…but that would require something way more complex no doubt.

Thanks as always for pointing me in the right direction!!!