Update variable outside of SharpTools


Is there a method to update a variable outside of SharpTools ideally via an API?

Not directly via an API at the moment - though we have been internally discussing an HTTP/Webhook Trigger for rules.

Can you share some more details on the use-case? Perhaps there’s another approach that could be used in the meantime.

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No real use case at the moment. I’m just evaluating what’s possible across different platforms.

One possible case though would be when using a 3rd party geo-location service to update a variable to identify if you’re home or not for use within rules.

Another would be when using a service via IFTTT with the trigger being something outside ST/HE control and the IFTTT action being to return a string value to a SharpTools variable for use by a rule.

I appreciate I could create a virtual switch and update that but that only really helps if the result is a true/false or on/off scenario.

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