Upcoming Features


Thats true… but down the line it would be nice to have the option :slight_smile:
If one could ad vector files to media the problem would not be as big :slight_smile:


Fair point. :grin:

And now that I think about it, you could link to an SVG in a media tile today. I’ve seen some people link to dynamic SVG files that show fresh data each time they refresh.


Today’s platform update includes a number of feature requests from this topic including:

  • Color Control - new tile with color wheel picker and various options for displaying color
  • Hyperlink options - open in new window, current window, or modal
  • Media Tile options - eg. Fullscreen, Refresh, or Open Hyperlink
  • Disable Tile Truncation option under Dashboard Settings > Advanced
  • Tile and Dashboard Copying
  • Several New Icons
  • And more!

Thanks again for all the suggestions and your ongoing support! Check out the announcement thread for more details:

Announcement: Color Control, Hyperlink and Media Tile Options, New Icons, and more

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