Unifi Protect Cameras

I am trying to create a camera/media tile to display my Unifi Protect cameras. The RSTP link generated by the camera is rtsps:// but copying this link to a media tile does nothing. Can someone help me understand what am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!

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Wow, I missed this… Do you still need help with this?

Yes! Still unresolved

So, there may be a way (that’s easy) to display the full stream…
I have read into a few ideas, but they all involved additional sites and possibly hosting your own service. So went a simple route (for now)…

This requires you to setup an anonymous snapshot on the cameras you want to display.

Step 1: get (or edit) the camera password:

Get the actual IP for each camera (ensure you have toggled “static” so the IP doesn’t change

Navigating to the actual camera IP, login with “ubnt” and the password from Step 1:

Check the block for “anonymous snapshot”

You can now obtain a snapshot by using:

Now navigate back to SharpTools and add this URL as a media tile - most likely the photo will not show in the UI, but it will show when you save it and view on the dashboard: