Unable to see my camera feeds

Guys, im pulling out my hair here. I have not been able to see my camera feeds for like years. I know it was because browsers stopped allowing http streams. I have tried several times to setup stunnel on Blue Iris but I was not successful until tonight.

I can now access my BI homepage externally using https. YAY! but how do I get my camera streams to work again?

Can you share more details about how you have your media resources setup?

If you added stunnel with a valid certificate, then you would need to update the media resources to use HTTPS as well.

If they aren’t using a valid certificate, your browser may still reject the stream. When you viewed the stream directly, your browser might have prompted you to ignore the validity of the certificate which would work when viewing the stream directly, but not when embedded within another secure site.

Be sure to check out the Chrome Mixed Content thread for alternative approaches to ignore the issue showing non secure resources.

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