Two App Icons New Phone

I got a new phone. It’s a rooted OnePlus 8T. I copied apps from my old OnePlus 6 using OnePlus Switch and also restored some apps using Titanium Backup. I now have two SharpTools app icons. I checked info for each of them and they have different permissions. Should I have two apps? Is there some SharpTools secondary app I forgot about? I probably can probably uninstall and reinstall. I don’t think it’ll mess up too much.

Have you tried opening them both?

If you use ‘Add to Homescreen’ in Chrome for or the community, it it shows up with a SharpTools icon. Long pressing on it and looking at the app info should reveal that it’s Chrome (or a web app) under the hood if that’s the case though.

Ok, that’s it. Duh. One is a link to this forum. Weird that’s I’ve never seen it before. I thought the icon was just in a folder on my desktop. Thanks.

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