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Hi Sharptools tribe. Until now I am using Pushover to get Sharptools messages to our mobiles, but I found out that in my wife and 1 daughter mobiles Pushover suddenly and randomly stops push pop messaging, they need to re open the app to “wake up” to get again push pop messsages. I had found Pushover warn about this cases for Huawei models because their Android versions.
Thats is why I am trying to set Twilio SMS for both of them, but I found (after charge $20 to the Twilio account) that phone numbers in México does not have SMS capability !!! So my question is:

If I get a USA phone number and set it up in Sharptools as the phone sender can it send SMS to mobiles phones in México?

I hope someone have the answer.

Regards !!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, and SMS fee varies in different countries, and some can be very expensive. (Mexico seems to be ~7 times more expensive than US based on Twilio pricing.)

Have you checked the following support article from Pushover? It sounds like Pushover was “paused” by the batter optimization or something so it would work again when reopened.

I am not familiar with Huawei devices, and I know they removed Google Play Store & Services from them (new models but not elder models?). I would assume if that’s the case, the Pushover will not work at all if Google Play Services are simply not installed.

– EDIT –
@Carlos_Juarez , I am sorry that I misread your message earlier. :man_facepalming: Yes, I think it would work if you get an US phone number in your Twilio account and uses it as the sender in SharpTools rule to send to a Mexico number. (I haven’t personally tried it yet, but it’s based on my understanding about Twilio.)

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Thanks for the quick answer my friend.

About battery optimization issue, We tried it already, works for a couple of days and then push messages stop again until my wife open again the Pushover app, works 1-3 days and then stop again, all messages are in the app but they do not push neither sound for the high and highest priority… I already heard about Google Play store issue, but in case of my wife and daughter it still working, Pushover still works and App Store, they can unload others apps.
If Twilio can send messages from other country phone number to México phone numbers I could be done with that no matter cost, because the mainly purpose is message alarm status when its armed, disarmed and goes off, when daughters stay alone, not for message or other fancy issues not related to alarm and emergency ones, so for this purpose it will not to be high frequency, but very important my wife get a warn about it besides me…

thanks again.

Interesting. You mean that if you purchase a Twilio phone number for the Mexico region, that Mexico region phone number can’t send SMS messages?

The notes on the Twilio MX guidelines page aren’t super clear, but it seems to indicate that SMS is supported for normal phone numbers (‘long code’)… though with some restrictions.

It says that Two-way SMS is supported, but under the long-code (local) restrictions it says:

Only mobile operator AT&T Mexico supports message delivery from a Mexico domestic long code. It could only be used to send Person-To-Person (P2P) messages.

And further above that in the general compliance considerations it says:

You should not use Mexican mobile numbers to send marketing, one-way, or application-to-person (A2P) traffic. URLs and brand names are some of the A2P content likely to be blocked when sending from Mexican numbers.

Under international restrictions it says:

SMS sent with international long codes will have the senderID overwritten with a random local long number or short code to ensure delivery.

So it’s not super clear to me what they were trying to say about ATT Mexico… it seems bizarre that they would be the only one on to support SMS delivery from a Mexico long-code.

Have you tried getting a Mexico number and trying to send a message? If you want to PM me your phone number, I’d be happy to try to send an SMS from one of my test US numbers as it sounds like Twilio should handle that.

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Hi my friend, as always Sharptools is the best support ever… For you is not super clear, and for me is the total darkness… :sweat_smile:

THANKS !..I will sent to you 2 mobile phone numbers, mine (iphone with AT&T service) and my wife that is the problem (not my wife :laughing: but her Huawei phone with Telcel service)…If you can send to both mobiles a SMS then I can pick up a USA Twilio phone number…What do you think about it ?