TV Tile for dashboard?

Hey everyone! So I am somewhat a newbie to it all. I have SmartThings connected to sharptools and I’m also using fully kiosk.

My question is how can I get a tile to turn my LG and Vizio on / off. Tried reading some discussions but got a bit confused. Because SmartThings only works with Samsung TVs what should I do? Is there a code out there where I can just create a new handler? Or am I looking like I have to buy a smart plug and do it that way?

Do you have a Logitech Harmony device?

If you do that would make it easy. You can add the harmony to ST and then create tiles that trigger your harmony. That’s what I have done to launch directly to Hulu/Netflix/YouTubeTV thru my roku.

If you don’t have a harmony I’d recommend one , they are excellent. Get the Companion remote with hub. Skip the “elite” one, the companion remote is easier to use and the battery lasts forever vs charging the elite daily.