Trying to adjust tile size for Kindle Fire HD 10 5th gen

I have played around with scaleable and reflow. I was aiming for 6 columns and 3 rows with the tiles fitting nicely on the screen. Works fine in scaleable more on an iPad mini. But in scaleable on the Kindle the bottom row goes about 20% of the screen and still playing around with reflow but doesn’t seem to be getting me where I want to be.

Is this something I have to tweak in the source files? Thanks.

Res details:
1280 x 800

Aspect ratio: 16:10

Inner resolution: 1280x614

@simon, since the iPad mini and the Fire tablet have different resolution ratio, the extra space at the bottom of the screen on either one is expected due to the nature of display space available if the scalable option is used. If you wanted to use the reflow option, you may want to adjust the tile size in the Dashboard Settings, and try different tile dimensions customization for the viewing device.

I probably confused this a little. I actually don’t care about the iPad. I only use that for testing. I want it to be set on the Kindle. I have played with the Tile size with reflow but can’t seem to get it to where I need. Is it possible that it cannot be done with the odd screen aspect ratio of the Fire? Thanks.

I can take a look when I can get hands-on with some test devices (might not be until early next week after the holiday weekend). As James alluded to, it’s a matter of figuring out what configuration best fits that device.

Keep in mind that you can also adjust the Tile Space (Gutter) by toggling the advanced switch in the top right corner of the dashboard settings. Sometimes using a smaller gutter will naturally increase the size of the tiles and help fill up some of the space.

You’ll have to play with the number of columns and gutter to get a feel for what works best for you.

I’m not sure what you meant by the inner resolution being different, but if you’re using something like Fully Kiosk Browser along with the ?kiosk=true parameter in the URL to make things full screen, the dashboard should fill up the whole screen.