TROUBLESHOOT Rule missing temperature changes

This has been happening pretty often. Any idea why the rule is being ignored? It is supposed to turn off the heat at 60 degrees. The logs show the temperature is at or above the level where it should be turning off the device. It has missed turning off for 3 temperature changes, and finally turned off on the 4th change.

The rule is included below:

From the rule perspective, it looks like the command is successfully being sent to SmartThings. What type of device is it that’s connected to SmartThings? Is it possible that SmartThings is intermittently failing to deliver the command properly?

I just noticed in SmartThings IDE EVERY device is listed as OFFLINE, however all devices are working from both SharpTools and SmartThings.

Seems like a SmartThings issue right now.

It just cycled properly, (on and off) even though EVERY device is listed as OFFLINE. Not sure what to make of that…

Simply put, Smartthings IDE cannot be trusted to display data correctly due to the groovy depreciation that is in progress.