Trouble editing dashboards

In the past week I am having trouble editing dashboards. The dashboard loads fine but when I try to add a device or open a device to edit takes anywhere from 1-10 minutes to load the list or edit screen. I’ve tried on Chrome, Edge and Safari. Any other suggestions?

Edit: on PC

I haven’t experienced that. Have you tried on another device like your phone?

Yes. It’s the same on my phone.

What about on your cellular connection? Wi-Fi disabled

Still the same on cellular connection

Can you think of anything that might have changed in or around that period?

Any chance you could share a video showing even the first 10 seconds of each of the slow loading parts? Just trying to make sure I understand exactly which parts of the app are loading slow to see if we can narrow in on a potential cause.

Nothing has changed that I can think of.

I am not able to upload here so I will send to support email. This was a screen recording on my phone but it’s the same from my PC.