Trouble displaying Blue Iris substream feeds as media tiles

I have a kindle setup with fully kiosk and sharptools that I use to, among other things, display 4 live blue iris mjpg substream camera feeds. I have them in sharptools as media tiles with the url http://{ip}:81/mjpg/{cam short name}&decode=-1. This initially works but all 4 drop off simultaneously after exactly 5 minutes and display “failed to load image. Learn More” with no errors shown in my blue iris log. The learn more link goes to a page about mixed content not showing in chrome that doesn’t seem to relate to my problem. If I don’t use the &decode=-1 parameter in my url, which calls for the substreams, all feeds display fine indefinitely. Unfourtunaly using 4 full quality feeds like this overloads my server’s resources. Also worth noting, If I click on a tile that is using the substream url it will display full screen indefinitely with out problem.

My initial thought was that this is a Fully problem but I get the same behavior when viewing my dashboard on my PC using Chrome. So that leads me to think Sharptools is somehow to blame? Any ideas??

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that your Blue Iris streams aren’t working as expected.

The ‘Failed to Load Image’ is basically just a fallback layer… so if the image doesn’t render, that layer shows up. As you noted, the ‘learn more’ link points to details about Mixed Content as that’s the most common issue we see with images not loading at all.

That does not sound like the issue here if the image/stream loads correctly initially. Though I’m guessing you must have made that change (or a similar one to allow mixed content) already otherwise the http URL format you mentioned would have been blocked in modern versions of Chrome.

You mentioned 5 minutes… does your Media Tile have a 5 minute refresh interval set on it?

The default fullscreen action of the Media Tile takes the existing image element in the tile and just stretches it fullscreen… so there shouldn’t be any difference between viewing it fullscreen vs viewing it within a tile.

If the tile has been configured with the ‘Open Hyperlink’ action to view the image resource, that could make a difference as it would be creating a completely new image element.

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That was it. Turning the refresh interval off fixed it. My bad for not noticing that option in the dialogue. Interesting that it messed with the sub feed but not the main, I had it set the same for both.

Thanks for the help and for a great app!

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