Trigger scene based on interior light level


I would like know if its possible to trigger a scene (ie. Turn ON Interior Lights scene) based on the level of ambient light on the interior of a room. Sometimes when the weather is cloudy or stormy the interior of the house is too dark and is not yet time for the “Turn on at Sunset” scene to trigger. What brand of sensor would be needed to read the parameters from?


Following this thread…

I have some Frient contact sensors I’m happy with. But I’m not sure their motion sensors measure luminocity. From different reviews I read a lot about certain sensors which should support it, no longer do since the updates. But some reviews are older and I’m not certain if they’re still not working, since there’s a lot of newer community drivers.

I’ve had the same idea, plus I would like them as motion detectors as well. Feels more secure than contact switches.

I used Aeon Multisensors for this in the past. I’m not sure what the go to sensor is anymore. Looking at Amazon it looks like there are a few illuminance sensors from Aeotec, Zooz, and Fibaro that measure lux with good ratings.

I use the Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 sensor. No issues.

If your just looking illuminance/light, I use the Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor and Aeotec multi sensors. The Mi sensor is small, and just does light. To be honest all the light sensors seem a bit off on what they report, so you will probably need to adjust the trigger points on what the sensor actually reports.

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I am not using any hub on my automation. Currently running Sharptools over Smartthings app commanding a bunch of TP-Link Kasa dimmers. I am not sure if adding a hub will have the ability to command the Kasa dimmers or not. Additionally, I am not very decided if \installing a hub will justify the cost just to add a single sensor. By the way…what brand of Hub are you using?

smartthings hub with a a mix of device, smartthings, aeotec, philips, kasa, leviton, and xiaomi.

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