Trigger Rule when two motion sensors stay inactive for X time

Hi all,

I am migrating my pistons from WebCore and so far I didn’t find any problem. But there is something I cannot find an easy way, let’s see if you can help here. I have a piston that is triggered when two different motion sensors stay inactive for 5 seconds. In WebCore is like this:

Is there any easy way in SharpTools?

Many thanks!

Triggers only allow for an ANY, so trigger on something (any of the motions staying inactive, maybe) and then put an IF in the flow requiring both to be inactive.


Ok many thanks! I will try that.

I’m doing this the same way, putting all the various states of the motion sensors in the triggers section:

and then use the flow section for if statements that require both motion sensors to have been inactive for the timeframe required:


Perhaps you could do it this way…

Trigger - “If $Run = True” or If time = “12:00AM”

Action, set $Run = False
Action, HTTP connection to SmartThings API to get the status of each motion state
Output to two variables for each motion sensor…

If - Then evaluation on the state of the motion sensors.
Perform whatever action

Add a delay for the amount of seconds to meet the requirement of ten minutes or whatever

Final action - set the $Run variable to True

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Great! Thanks, I already did this and it is working!

Many thanks!

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