Trigger questions on door stays open

so I have a device event trigger as “Garage doors stays open for 15 mins” but I don’t think it is being triggered. is this being only called once or does the rule continue to check if it has been open for more than 15 mins?

The quickest way to see if it’s triggering or not is to look at the logs.

It seems to me that if a door remains open longer than 15 minutes, it would only trigger once, but the log should answer that question.

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You can also enable the debug filters when you’re reviewing the logs. By default, the logs will only show things that actually triggered the rule.

If you enable the debug filter, it will show the initial event that potentially could end up triggering the rule as long as it stays that state as well as the follow up delayed check to see if the value stayed the same.

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Thank-you. Looks like my the if condition didn’t pass. the log shows the device id, anyway to find out the device ID to compare with the rule name? TIA.

Do you mean you’re seeing a device id instead of the device name in the Rule Logs?


Or are you referring to the Runtime Data section which shows the raw event / state data?

Generally, I just take a look at my IF Conditions in the Rule Editor to see what devices are being used in the condition.

If you know which devices are in the IF Condition, you can also go the other direction and view the details of each device (by name) to see what ID it has:

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap on the ... next to the location in question
  3. Scroll down and tap on a device in the list
  4. Flip the Advanced toggle in the top-right corner on to view the Thing ID

Thank-you for all the responses. I was able to identify the device by making a copy and remove the trigger, add it to the Dashboard and execute the if statement by removing 1 device at a time. Not sure if this is the bestway or not but I was able to fix the issue. Looks like the motion from my arlo is not feeding correctly.

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