Trigger During Certain Times of the Year

Does anyone know if there is a way to set a rule that will only trigger during certain dates of the year, like between October 15th through April 15th or something like that?

You can use a daily trigger along with an expression that checks the date.

isBetweenDates('10-15', '04-15')

Currently, you would need to use a True/False variable to evaluate the above expression and store it into the variable. Then you could use that in an IF Condition.

I just realized we haven’t clearly documented the input format for the isBetweenDates() function, but it’s a date in either ISO Format (YYYY-MM-DD), MM-DD format, or milliseconds (eg. the date output of another function). Either way, the year is ignored so it will continue to work year after year. :slight_smile:


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