Trigger a media tile update

With media tiles is there a method to trigger the refresh via an event or rule?

I see solutions on timers and the ability to refresh on user push on the tile, but nothing on a way to trigger the update by automation. If not, request as a feature.

Hi @Bloodtick_Jones - thanks for posting the feature request.

Can you help me better understand the use case(s) for this?

Motion sensor to capture an image. The media tile would then be updated / triggered.

Thanks! Out of curiosity, how are you capturing the image and storing it?

Longer answer here than it should be. I wrote a Fully Kiosk Browser DH some time ago that works (or worked) on the SmartThings Classic application and would display in the ‘carouselTile’. With the changes on that platform, I ported it over to Hubitat.

It is a little different than other FKB handlers - I inject JavaScript into the solution and the FKB device will become an active motion sensor, grab an image and send it back to Hubitat/SmartThings.

With Hubitat the image is actually lost, with hopes they open up the onboard file system and it could go there someday and be picked up locally into SharpTools.

byte[] imageBytes = parseDescriptionAsMap(response.description).body.decodeBase64()
logInfo “NOTICE: Image and screen shots do not work. Still need someplace to put the image with size: ${imageBytes.size()}”
logInfo “${device.displayName} captured image ‘${strImageName}’”
if(settings?.deviceS3url?.trim() && event.key==“getCamshot”) {
def strBase64Image = parseDescriptionAsMap(response.description).body

BUT, if you look at the code you see I have an AWS API Gateway solution developed that loads with API keys into AWS S3 for storage and retrieval. The AWS solution is not trivial and I have not published instructions on how to do that, it is not a novice playground…

However, if you really want to make it simple. You can just hit FKB directly to pull back an image. This works today with SharpTools as such:


You could in theory set up any motion device to trigger the SharpTools Media Tile and execute that URL for an image grab.

I saw your post over in the Hubitat community showing the new device driver you put together to accommodate this feature - nice work!