Traffic Data Without


I am working on my new dashboard / css theme. Here a sneak peek:

I would love to have the option for this “commute” tile.
What would be my options to parse JSON data as “live text” and not an image / SVG like, and be able to stylized it?

My goal would be to use TomTom API that provide traffic data in second and show it in minutes / hours.



Beautiful design, Tim!

Are you using Hubitat or SmartThings? One approach would be to write a driver/DTH to query the TomTom API and store it in an attribute on a device.

Edit: You could also create a feature request for a tile to display data directly from a JSON API if you’d like. It is an idea that has bounced into my head a few times, but since there hadn’t been any requests for it I’ve shelved it each time.


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Trying to understand what is? I like your design, but was wondering where shields came into play with it. has been used as something of a middle layer to get data from arbitrary external JSON APIs into SharpTools. (examples: WebCoRE Variables and Stock/Commodities Prices)

So in his image in the first post, he was looking at different ways of pulling commute data into a tile.

How did you do the menu buttons? I really like them.