TP-Link Kasa Integration

I currently use sharptools to do automations. I use it with Smartthings. I am able to use TP-Link Kasa devices in my automations since I can link them through Smartthings. I wanted to see if Sharptools can look at directly integrating with Kasa so that we don’t have to work through Smartthings/Hubitat. I have a buddy who has a bunch of TP-Link kasa devices but doesn’t have a Smartthings/Hubitat hub. He wants to be able to automations like sending pushover messages which you can do in Sharptools.

You can link Kasa devices to the free SmartThings app. No SmartThings hub is needed for this cloud-to-cloud (c2c) integration. Then you can link SmartThings to SharpTools.

Thanks. I didn’t realize you don’t need a Smartthings Hub to be able to benefit from the Samsung Smartthings App. Great Idea!

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You only need a ST hub to connect Z-wave devices, ZigBee devices, WiFi devices connecting via LAN using Edge drivers, and all Matter devices.

Normal WiFi and other devices using cloud-to-cloud (c2c) integrations like Kasa don’t need a hub.