Toggling ST Variable

Need a little help.

I have a ST Variable that has 3 defined values. I want on my dashboard to:

  1. display the current value of the ST Variable
  2. display a specific icon based on the value of the ST variable
  3. create a button for the icon to toggle the ST Variable between it’s 3 values.

I know how to do 1 & 2 above, but I’m not sure how to toggle the ST Variable between the 3 values. Guessing I could use a RULE, but what would the trigger be? (Or is there a better way to accomplish this?)


If you are using a Variable Tile for 1 and 2, you could use the special $.runRule("RULEID") hyperlink syntax to run a rule when the tile is tapped.

Or you could use a Super Tile which has native features for displaying values, icons, and running rules.

works perfectly for what I need. Thanks!