tinyCam web server multiple tablet deployment question

I have successfully installed tinyCam Pro web server on 1 of my 3 Fire HD 8/SharpTools wall panels. I am able to display tinyCam media tiles on the dashboards of all 3 panels addressing the tinyCam web server IP of the single tablet running tinyCam. Is this the recommended deployment for tinyCam …multiple tablets accessing the web server of one tablet? …Or, should I install tinyCam web server on each panel and create a camera media tile for each camera addressing each of 3 web servers? My cameras are Wyze Cams streaming from the cloud. Which deployment is more resource/bandwidth efficient?

It’s a perfectly reasonable approach. Your biggest constraining factor is likely to be the resources on the one tablet running TinyCam. The more devices that try to stream from the one tablet running TinyCam, the more burdened that one tablet is going to be… which might result in poor dashboard performance on that one tablet.

An alternative approach that some people have taken when using TinyCam is to get a dedicated Android TV box to run TinyCam. If I remember correctly, the TinyCam developer recommends using an NVIDIA SHIELD as a good dedicated TinyCam ‘server’ box.

Side Note: I’ve also personally experienced that when my wife and I each use TinyCam on our individual phones (using the same Wyze credentials), sometimes one of our phones will bump the other person off.

If I remember correctly, the Wyze integration only uses the cloud when first establishing the connection, then it does the streaming locally if a local connection to the camera is available.

Similarly, as long as you are using a local URL for the Media Tile in SharpTools, then that will be on your LAN as well.

So the primary concern is likely the resource load on the tablet(s) that are running TinyCam (eg. CPU/Memory).

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Thank you for the awesome guidance Josh! I expect UPS will be delivering an NVIDIA Shield shortly :slight_smile: