Tinycam streams down - network question? [resolved]

I have been using both Tinycam (hosted on Nvidia for old NVR and a few IP cams) along with non-TC streams or snapshots on my dashes for a while. It has worked pretty stable, but the last few days, Tinycam streams have been down, while non-TC streams are still running on diff IP’s.
I can see the cams on the direct HDMI connected TV to Nvidia, my hosting IP/port is static, and I have chrome http flag set; but get the ‘failed to load image error’ on Windows computer, Fire dashes, android phone, etc. Has something changed anyone is aware of? I don’t have any login requirements at the application level, so I am losing ideas on how to troubleshoot.

Nevermind… While Nvidia restart didn’t solve. I just noticed it wanted to run an update. that solved it for some reason. But hopefully, this helps people in their troubleshooting list in future. My new job as an IT admin (why did I ever get into smart homes? :slight_smile: ) seems to be chasing networking and fallout from frequent application updates.

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Where did you notice there was an update? I checked my Shield but didn’t find anything that indicated such. I also checked the TinyCam app and found that my web server option was off. Turned it on, then rebooted the Shield without any luck. Any additional thoughts?

I’m having the same issues, unable to view tinycam feed on dashboards

I figured it out. Once I turned my webserver option on, I had to go in and update the address for the camera’s. They are fully functional now.

Make sure your webserver option is on in TinyCam. If it was off, you will need to update the address for each camera.

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My webserver was on so I toggled off and back on and it is now working.

Thanks for adding the troubleshooting in your situation. It was obvious I had an update (as I recall), and I believe it flashed the update notice at the top of Nvidia main screen also with a notification circle at top right where settings are.

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Thanks for sharing your tips, everyone!

You might want to double check that you have a static IP address assigned to your device which is running TinyCam. Otherwise anytime the IP address gets updated, you would need to update the Media Tile URLs as well.