Tinycam and Fire HD

Has anyone installed tinycam (sideload) on a Fire HD recently? I had it installed and was needing to update the app because of a firmware change by wyze, for some reason the app won’t install even with ‘allow form unknown sources’ enabled. It just says “App not installed”.

I must be getting really old as I don’t remember having that issue before.

Isnt it available in the Amazon app store?

I would have to pay for it twice if I download the one from the Amazon app store.

I havent tried sideloading it. You might be right that I probably payed for it in the amazon app store and google. Its an awesome app so not a big deal to me to support the dev.

I just purchased the Amazon version again :slight_smile:

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I have tinycam pro on all my fire tablets and TVs just paid for it the first time……

Yeah, now I have two versions of it from two different app store :slight_smile: