Tiny Camera problems with Sharptools on Tablets

Not sure why or what is going on but I can not get my Tiny Camera to show anymore this week in my Sharptools dashboard on my Tablets which worked fine last week

I have Sharptools on my Fire Tablets (2) and one Androind Tablet and no matter what I do I can not see the cameras anymore. I followed all directions and have Webserver on and using HTTP and even tried HTTPS but now luck

My cameras are WYZE both V2 and Pan Cam V1

It worked fine last week but WYZE did a firmware update the other day and I think that is what messed things up

Is there a settings in the WYZE APP I need to change or click on?

Anyone have a solution they can share
Thanks all

If you open the TinyCam app directly are you able to see the video feeds for the Wyze cameras?

Edit: And if not, what specific Wyze firmware version are you using and what specific TinyCam software version are you running?

Depending on your firmware version, you may find this discussion helpful. Seems like updating the TinyCam maybe needed as people found out the firmware update broke the connection in TinyCam.

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updated to the latest Tinycam Beta and still no luck
Seems like the new Firmware has broken our ability to see cameras via Sharptools
I have no idea how to roll-back the firmware, so I am hoping someone else has a solution

The key here is I can see my CAMS fine on my NVIDA Shield using the beta app
The IP address on my shield for Sharptools with the right port etc, but now I can not see my cams on Sharptools my Wyze V2 and Wyze Cam Pan V1
Hope someone knows of a settings or another idea to get the cam back in Sharptools

Thanks all

If I understand correctly, you’re able to view the Wyze cameras in the TinyCam beta app.

If you open the webpage that TinyCam serves up directly, are you able to see that page and are you able to see the camera streams directly on that page?

yes exactly
I can do this on my NVIDIA Shield TV and for the heck of it I put the TinyCam app BETA on my phone (A Zflip 3)
So yes I can open the app on both and see my cameras fine

Right, but what about the web pages TinyCam is serving up?

A screenshot showing your browser with the URL visible for the TinyCam page as well as a screenshot of your media resource configuration would help.

can u share link so i can check, thanks

The link is different for each person. The web page is served up by your TinyCam app. I’m away from my home network at the moment, but if I remember correctly it’s in the sidebar if you slide out the left navigation in the TinyCam app.

I figured the website part out and yes i can see all 4 cams on my private URL etc
I now have it loaded on my Google TV chromecast stick and still even with new IP It does not show in Sharptools

Can you provide the requested screenshots?

couple of things and thanks for your help
I am concerned providing my website page screen shot as it will show my IP in the URL is that now a security concern if I show you that?
Second, when you say screenshot of your media resource configuration, what exactly do you mean
I have Tinycam on NVIDIA and Google Chromecast TV stick

Can you clarify

You can PM it to @support if you prefer. The IP address shown in your screenshots should be a static internal IP address within your network… meaning there’s no issue with sharing it as it should not be exposed to the internet in any way.

I’m looking for a screenshot of how the Media resource is configured in SharpTools and a screenshot showing the TinyCam webpage. I’d like to compare the details shown in the screenshot showing your TinyCam webpage to the screenshot of your SharpTools media resource.

You want to make sure the IP Address matches exactly. For example, if you don’t have a static IP address assigned to the device running TinyCam, then the IP address might have changed.

  1. I verified I can hit the TinyCam webpage from another device:

  2. I verified that I can view a camera stream URL directly in my browser:

    :information_source: Note that I’ve enabled the ‘guest’ account in TinyCam webserver settings with a simple password and embedded that in the URL too!

    eg. /video.cgi?camera=2&user=guest&pwd=1234

  3. I used that exact same camera stream URL in my Media URL configuration:

    :warning: I’m testing from a PC with a new version of Chrome, so I’ve edited my site settings to allow mixed content / insecure content.

Keep in mind that TinyCam is third-party software with lots of different configuration options, so it’s hard to troubleshoot without more details of how things are configured and exactly what you’re seeing. :slight_smile:

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If it’s been a while since you originally set this up, I would strongly recommend reviewing the following post which summarizes the process and links to a video series showing the step-by-step setup:

:information_source: Using Wyze Cameras in SharpTools with TinyCam :camera:

There’s also some responses from other users further down in the thread with issues they ran into and how they resolved them. :slight_smile:

ok this is interesting

So I read the instructions again and did as you said in those again from scratch
and when I put in my IP and NO Camera Number it suddenly shows the camera setup on channel 8

So i did it again for another camera and put in channel 9 for the next camera and nothing shows

So what is wierd if if I put in nothing under camera= it shows the camera channel 8
So is it the channel issue and how can I change the channels on my wyze app so maybe it will work

I don’t think the numbers in the URL necessarily map to any specific number down in the TinyCam UI.

I would just start with 1 and go up from there. For example my camera was actually number 6 when I looked at the manage cameras UI within TinyCam, but it was the second item in the drop-down in the TinyCam web UI and when I used camera 2 in the URL it worked. The challenge with that is if you add more cameras remove things around, then you’ll have to update your media resource configurations.

Edit: if I remember correctly, you can also get the unique/unchanging camera ID from the TinyCam API, but I’m away from my testing device at the moment so I can’t verify: TinyCam API: list cameras