Time Duration Criteria

Is there is away to set IF logic to include a time/duration factor? I want to set a rule that says if my garage door is “open” for more than x minutes. So, not to get a notification every single time it opens, bur rather if someone leaves it open for a period of time.

Hi Casey, current IF block doesn’t check duration but you can add a “delay” before the IF block to check the garage status a few minutes later. Ex: use garage door open as trigger, add delay block to delay process for 300 seconds then add IF block to check the garage door status, if still open, then send yourself a notification. :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh, thank you for clarifying. I should have picked that up!

Checking device/location attribute state stayed for x minutes in IF logic is currently in our beta and should be available in production soon. :slight_smile: