Time delay on sensor

I just set up a notice to text me when the fridge door is opened but that is not exactly what I want. I wasn’t sure what to look for in the knowledge base and didn’t see the option when I set it up.

What I want is for there to be a time delay when the door is opened of a min. or so. I don’t want to get a text every time it is opened but when it is left open. How do I add the delay or where is it in the knowledge base?

When setting up your rule trigger, you can configure the rule to trigger when the state stays a certain value for a period of time.

After selecting your device and attribute in the rule’s Trigger configuration, you have the option of choosing between ‘changes to’ and ‘stays’:

After selecting the ‘stays’ operator, you can select what value it should be and for how long.

(eg. Laura’s garage stays open for 30 minutes):

From there, you can just add whatever actions you like in the rule’s Flow. For example, here’s a full rule I have setup for when my wife’s garage door stays open for 30 minutes…

@James perhaps we can add a brief article specifically around ‘state stays’ triggers (and how they relate to conditions) to the KB so it’s easier to search for?

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I don’t see a “door” option

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The device is a magnetic open close sensor.

My apologies for not being more clear. That was just an example of a rule I already had setup which watches my wife’s garage door (which has a door attribute).

For normal contact / multipurpose sensors, you can use the contact attribute for determining the open/closed status.

I got it. I went back and deleted it and started over and got it. I used contact instead of door and I think I got it right, will test and see. Thanks

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