Time alignment issues on 50px dashboard

The bottom right row of this dashboard is misaligned and I’m not sure how to fix. I have a custom tile 50px with a 5px gutter. Misaligned on all devices.

I thought it was the dashboard so I started over and created a new one, but I’m running into the same issue.

Any ideas?

I don’t know what the 9-dot icons between the two rows on the left side are, but I have a hunch that if you added a couple on the right side you would regain alignment.

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They are 1x2 tiles that link to the dashboards above. The header and footer text is white, which is why you only see the icon.

Actually, the two “System” title bars were perfectly aligned at first. When I added the last row of System icons, it went misaligned again.

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that things aren’t working as expected.

What make/model device are you viewing this on and with what browser (incl. version number)?

Edited to add that I tried to reproduce based on the information available so far, but I wasn’t able to do so. I tried to roughly reproduce the layout based on the screenshot and the information about using a 50px base tile size and 5px gutter size.

My suspicion is that there’s either something unique about the Theme / Styles, dashboard layout, device, browser, or some combination of the above that’s causing the oddity.

I believe you are correct, it has to do with the theme on the dashboard icons under the main icons. Those have a theme of transparent header, footer and tile with an 8 px border

All other styles has the default border. When I swap the dashboard icon and a spacer icon, they don’t align evenly.