Tiles that are the same on several Dashboards

I know this is going to be hard to explain. so here me out.

I made a Dash, and then I duplicated it, made some changes, and now that dash is called up by the first.

most of the tiles that were in Dash 1 , are also in Dash 2. and when you go to the second Dash, they do not fly in like tiles that are unique to the other dash.

now, if I add a tile to one , lets say the Garage, and then I add that same tile to the other dash, because it was not “copied” it flys in , instead of just staying put. it seems that the tiles that are the same, make loading a bit faster.

Does that make sense? if it does, is there a way to duplicate a tile from a dash to another? so it does not do the “fly in”

I hope I made sense. ill make a video perhaps to explain better if it does not.

thank you

It might be due to the smartthings update. Have you tried selecting manage connections and smartthings to hopefully update your devices?

no smarthings, only HE. and these are two new dashboards that I made.

I think I know what you’re referring to with the animation. I would have to look into it, but I suspect that the copied dashboards are retaining the internal Tile IDs which is why they don’t show a transition. Compared to creating a new tile or copying an individual tile where the tile ID is properly reset.

From my perspective, the tiles should have had their internal IDs reset and it always would animate.

For normal usage, the animation itself shouldn’t make a noticeable difference in performance except for perhaps on older tablets or tablets with older browsers. Of course, perception is reality!

Ahh yes,

sorry for the delay… this is a demo of what I am talking about
not saying it does or not, it is a bit quicker on my tablet when the animation does not need to fly in.

question is. is there a way to sync that ID? I am sure things can go wrong if i mess it up, but it would be awesome if it is a possibility… not to mention, i think it looks cooler when some things do not “fly in” and others do


Thanks for the feedback. There’s not currently a way to sync IDs. In fact, the opposite is supposed to happen where a copied dashboard or dashboard tile gets a new ID, so I’ve noted that as needing improvement.

There’s a feature request here to be able to control dashboard animations that you may be interested in casting a vote on (including disabling them):