Tiles not updating

The tiles for hue motion sensors do not update in SharpTools when motion is detected, however, they do update in both the Smartthings app and in ActionTiles

Further, the tiles for hue bulbs do not update in SharpTools when turned on or off (from the Smartthings app, by Hue dimmers or any other way), however, they do update in the Smartthings app and in ActionTiles. When tapping the tiles in SharpTools they do update and the light does turn on and off, however with a delay of up to five seconds

Any ideas of what goes wrong?

EDIT: now they do update; but still have the issue that when tapping on tiles lights turn on/off after like five seconds, is that usual?

Thanks for the update and glad to hear that the status is updating as expected now.

When the SharpTools.io web app loads, it runs a series of health checks that can clean up common issues like missing event subscriptions, so a common first troubleshooting step is to do a full refresh of your browser and then wait a few minutes for it to run the healthchecks in the background. :slight_smile:

No, my lights turn on well under a second.

Is it only the Hue lights that have a delay with control? Are the Hue lights connected to a Hue Bridge or directly to the SmartThings hub?

Thanks for the answers; I do not have other lights than Hue, they are connected to the Hue bridge, which in turn is connected to Smartthings

Thanks for the confirmation. Are you watching the physical light bulbs and those are taking up to 5 seconds to turn on when controlled from a dashboard? Are you seeing the similar delays when controlled directly from the SmartThings mobile app?

Yes, I watch the bulbs turn on after around five seconds; no, I do not see any delays when controlled directly from the Smartthings app

Sending you a PM to see if we can gather more details and figure out what’s going on… :slight_smile: