Tiles not responding to touch

I have (2) Amazon Fire 10 tablets, both running Fully Kiosk.

My SharpTools dashboard comes up on both of them correctly, and I am able to swipe up on both and the dashboard moves as expected.

However, on one tablet, I can touch a tile and it will respond as expected, but on the other Fire Tablet, the tiles don’t respond to touch.

I know the touchscreen on both tablets work, since I can move the dashboard on each. But I am confused as to why tiles don’t respond to touch on one of the two tablets.

Any ideas? Any tablet or otherwise setting I may have incorrect?


I recall someone else running into this before, but I don’t recall what setting they had to tweak.

If they are the same model tablet, can you export the Fully Kiosk settings from one tablet and import it into the other one? If you have Remote Admin enabled on the tablets, I think you can even manage the Export/Import from the FKB Remote Admin UI which I find easier than trying to shuffle files across the devices.