Tiles in Sharptools not updating but ST is in correct status

I know there are many treads to this topic but I could not find an answer to my problem.

I have a door dashboard showing 11 open/close sensors. I just installed them yesterday and all day they worked just fine. Today though, some of the tiles stopped updating. 3 of the 11 doors showed as open when they were actually closed and were shown correctly as closed in SmartThings.
I was able to solve the issue by refreshing the connection with SmartThings (Manage Connctions…). So unfortunately i cannot show you an out of sync screenshot. However, this is the dashboard:

Now all tiles show as closed, which is correct. Before the sync, 3 tiles showed as open which is incorrect.

Is there any known issue? Is there a limit to # of tiles per dashboard? How can I avoid this problem?

Did you try manually testing those devices after you resynced the devices to make sure they are updating state as expected?

Also note that sometimes just doing a full refresh of the page in your browser while viewing your dashboard can help as that kicks off a series of healthchecks in the background that can clear up common issues with event subscriptions and things of that nature.

The page refresh didn’t make a difference. I waited for three hours before the connection resunc. Unfortunately I won’t be able to test these devices personally for a while. Right now it seems okay though.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting a page refresh would immediately update the status displayed on the dashboard. I’m saying that there are a series of healthchecks that run in the background and they can fix common issues like event subscriptions not being setup properly.

I’m also suggesting taking a methodical approach to analyzing the issue. Since the main concern is the status not staying up-to-date, the first thing we would want to test it to make sure they status updates (events) are coming through. And if they weren’t coming through and this is the first time these devices were used on a dashboard, then performing a refresh of the page is a helpful first troubleshooting step as it runs the healthcheck in the background.

The next step would be to wait a few minutes for the healthcheck to run in the background and then manually change the status of those devices (eg. by opening the door, waiting a second or two, then closing the door) and verify if the status is updating as expected.

Thanks @josh ! Yes, I have done all those tests before the issue occurred and it looked good. The issue started when I actually left the home :frowning: I will need to do more testing when I return. Thanks for your feedback!

If it happens again, feel free to message support@sharptools.io with the Doc ID of the device(s) in question along with the approximate time (and timezone) of the events and we can take a closer look.

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Hey! It happened again and I sent you an email with all the info you requested.

in case anybody is following this thread, I got a screenshot of the discrepancy between ST & ST :slight_smile:
Here is what SharpTools shows:

This is what i am seeing in ST (likely the accurate status)

Thank you for your outstanding support, guys!

Got it! And I shared some insights via email. It looks like there’s several open/closed events being reported at the same exact second. Have you checked to see if there’s a community driver available for these devices? I’m curious if it would resolve the funky behavior that’s occurring with these devices.

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