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I’m a World Superbikes and Moto GP fan and I’m trying to think of the best way to get the schedule on my dash, in such a way that I don’t miss a round. What I’m looking for is a way of always displaying the next 2 up and coming events (as some weeks there are both Moto GP and WSB rounds).

Initially I thought I’d use the calendar tile, creating a separate iCloud calendar “Racing” populated with each round from the two series and pop that on the dashboards. Unfortunately as that only shows events in the next 7 days it doesn’t quite work the way I want. If the calendar tile could show the next 2 upcoming events regardless of how far away they were this would maybe be the easiest way.

Maybe it would be possible for me to use a variable tile and then use a date triggered rule(s) that replaced the text in the variable with the event information? I’ve also considered using a tile that “switches on” mid week (using rule(s)) if there’s an event at the weekend. Tapping that tile could open a url linking to a local pdf with the years schedule.

Does anyone do similar with a schedule or their teams up and coming games, or can anyone advise the best way to achieve this? Thanks

So using a variable I’ve failed at the first attempt. Example Moto GP Round 1 is 04-06 Mar - Qatar, Round 2 is 18-20 Mar - Indonesia. My thinking was to create a variable called MotoGP, then use the following rule:

If Date is between Jan 29 and Mar 06 set variable MotoGP to “04-06 Mar - Qatar”
Else If Date between Mar 07 and Mar 20 set variable MotoGP “18-20 Mar - Indonesia”
Else If…and so on for the full calendar.

I can create a variable in SharpTools but the rule engine won’t let me do a conditional between 2 dates. So over to Hubitat…

…where I can create the variable and set its string as described above, but can’t share that variable as a thing that can be displayed on SharpTools.

So I’m stumped.

@John_Williamson, Would a custom tile like these work?

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The event tile on the left would probably do the job. I did browse some custom tiles but didn’t notice that.

I use the GameTime app for Hubitat for this. Not quite the solution you are looking for, as I don’t think your sport is supported and you might not even use Hubitat, but perhaps it will give you some ideas. If there is an open API with schedule info for your sport, you could grab that data and do anything you want with it.


Thanks @Justin_Leonard - I’ll take a look at that as I am using Hubitat (I use SharpTools, as the Hubitat dash is a pain to use and just doesn’t compare to SharpTools)

I can’t remember the steps, but you can create a variable connector which creates a HE device that syncs over the HE variable value.


@Chris_C - I found it and that’s exactly what I needed, thanks.

In Hubitat Settings > Hub Variables. You just find your variable in the table and click “create” in the connector column for it to appear in devices. That can then be authorised in the SharpTools app so I can configure it using RM to update the string to suit the events.

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So I created a variable called “Racing” in HE, created a connector and authorised the resulting variable to SharpTools. I’ve created a long rule that runs at 1 AM daily and through a number of IF THEN statements, updates the string with the relevant event. It has been working fine and showing the next event (first of the year) as shown below from Hubitat:

On my dashboard this is in a Super Tile (along with the current time and date) and was working correctly, but the variable is now just showing “6” as shown below:

I’m not sure where the issue lies, the variable is correct in Hubitat. The only thing changed is that I’ve just authorised a new device to SharpTools using the Hubitat SharpTools app.

Any ideas? Hubitat, SharpTools or Super Tile issue?

Looks like it’s fine when the device events are reported, but for some reason comes across as a number in the device sync. I’ll take a closer look and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

In the meantime if the attribute value gets updated after the sync or a text character is used at the start of the value, that could work around the issue.

Eg. Mar 06 - Moto GP Qatar

Thanks @josh

I thought I had the rule set to trigger daily at 1 AM, it’s actually weekly on Mondays at 1 AM (so that the rule always updates the event the day after the previous race)

I’ll update the rule trigger to daily as that will be easier than amending my rule in 26 places! That way if it does display incorrectly after a sync, it will resolve itself at 1 AM.

We released a hotfix to work around this. It’s an oddity with how Hubitat reports state of devices compared to events (the property used for device sync was reporting the ‘typed’ value as the number 6 rather than the string '06 Mar - Moto GP Qatar').

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Great - thanks Josh :grinning: