Tile to link to different Dashboard

Is there a way to have a tile on one dashboard that will launch a different dashboard?

@Bob_Ciolino welcome to SharpTools and thanks for posting!

In the Add Item picker, you can expand the Dashboard section which includes a list of your other dashboards.

Here’s a quick example where I have a main ‘Navigation’ dashboard which has 4 dashboard tiles on it, each of which links to a different dashboard.

I open up the empty ‘Dashboard Links’ dashboard and create a dashboard tile which links back to the main ‘Navigation’ dashboard (along with a custom icon):

Sorry to waste you time. i found it 1 minute after I posted.

No worries! Thanks for posting - maybe someone else will find this thread later while searching and will find it helpful!

Edit: The approach I showed in my video is something I use in most of my dashboards. I tend to have one navigation dashboard that I use to link to other dashboards… then in each of the other dashboards I have a back/home tile in the top-left corner that links me back to my main dashboard.

I should also note that you can hyperlink to a dashboard in the Hyperlink Tile or in the Media Tile. This trick is particularly useful if you want to use media tiles to show an image and make it so when you tap on the media tile, it takes you to another dashboard.