Tile to find my phone?

Each day, my girlfriend tells me to call her phone, because she doesn’t know where she put it… Is there possible to make a tile on sharptools to trigger the phone to make noice?

What kind of phone do each of you have? Eg. iPhone or Android?

Android for both :smiling_face:.

There’s probably quite a few options for you then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Two approaches immediately come to mind:

  1. Open the Find My Phone page using a Hyperlink
    • Easy to setup and leverages the Find my Phone feature built by Google (robust and well maintained), but it’s one extra click to actually trigger the phone making a noise
  2. Send a push event to your phone using Pushbullet, then react with Tasker
    • More complex to setup and maintain, but can directly trigger a sound on your phone to find it

There’s probably lots of other ways to accomplish this, but these are the first two that came to my mind!

Option 1: Open the Find My Phone page using a Hyperlink

The short version of it is:

  1. Create a hyperlink in SharpTools.io that points to:
  2. Add the newly created Hyperlink to your dashboard
  3. Optionally edit the Hyperlink Tile to open in a new window

Now when you click on the tile, it will display the location of your phone and give you the option to play a sound on the phone.


Note: If this is running on a dedicated tablet and you each use a different Google account, you can login to both Google accounts within the browser and then create two individual hyperlinks with ?u=0 or ?u=1 appended to the end to choose which Google account to use when opening the Find my Phone page.

For example Find My Device would open my second Google account that I’m signed in with

Option 2: Send a push event to your phone using Pushbullet, then react with Tasker

This one’s a bit more complex to setup as you’ll have to dig into Tasker, but the high level concept is:

  1. Setup Pushbullet on your phone
  2. Link Pushbullet to your SharpTools account
    (eg. Manage Connections on your User Profile)
  3. Create a Rule in the SharpTools Rule Engine to send a Push Message to your phone
  4. Add the Rule to your dashboard
  5. Setup a Tasker profile that reacts to the Pushbullet message and plays a sound
    (eg. Tasker: Event > Plugins > Pushbullet → Play Sound)

The Tasker side of things is likely to be the most complex side of things. The beauty of this approach is you can complete customize what sound the device plays or how it reacts. That’s probably also the main downside too as it means you have to spend the effort getting it setup and potentially maintaining it if Google changes things. :slight_smile:

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Wow, thanks :grinning: I will have a look at option 2 first I think. Impressed by your quick respons :ok_hand::raised_hands:

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Glad to help!

I used to have a similar set of Tasker profiles setup to do this. I could either send a message from my PC (Pushbullet) or my wife could send me a special SMS (eg #findmyphone) and it would trigger the profile to start ringing the device . Now I just use the “Find my phone” voice command on Google Assistant devices throughout the house.

When I first built the Tasker profile, I just had it loop a sound a fixed number of times. Then as I was trying to get fancier, I set it up to keep looping the sound until I unlocked the phone. Unfortunately, I had a bug in my Tasker profile and it wouldn’t stop ringing - easiest way to stop it was to reboot the phone! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’d suggest a good amount of testing on your own device before putting it on someone elses phone. :smile:

Sorry to be the guy to bump an old thread but is it possible to create a tile to find an iPhone?

I see it was mentioned there were several options since OP had an android phone, which makes me think the outlook isn’t as good for iPhone. But this would help my wife a ton!