Tile on Android Home Screen

Is it possible to put a “Thing” Tile on an Android Home Screen?

I would like to have a tile with one of my devices on the home screen instead of on a dashboard. If it is “ON”, it will flash and get my attention without having to open the dashboard.

It’s not something that’s officially supported… in my opinion, it’s really something that SmartThings should provide with their mobile app. :man_shrugging:

If you like to tinker, you could use an app called Tasker to accomplish it. You could have a rule setup in SharpTools to push the events down to your phone using Pushover and then have Tasker update a Widget/Shortcut as you see fit. It would definitely be a custom thing though and not something there would be step-by-step instructions for.

Thanks Josh. I do use Tasker, but not enough… That certainly gave me a couple of ideas though. Until then, I’ll just use Pushover and get a notification.

How about adding an Android App to a dashboard? I’m working on a larger dashboard and would like to have a tile that opens an app on the tablet without actually closing the dashboard and opening the app. It is probably the easiest way to view my cameras as I don’t think I can easily incorporate them into SharpTools.

Some camera can be incorporated into sharptools using tinycam. That is if your cameras are supported by it. There is a thread on here about cameras and dashboards, easy search.

Depending on what you want to do you can accomplish that using tasker and SmartThings API using Tasker

You can do this quite easily with Action Blocks (download from app store). It lets you put Google Home and Google Assistant actions on your home screen

If you’re looking to link to an app from your dashboard, check out this help article: